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Interested in learning about blacksmithing? Read this!

--News & Announcements--
Upcoming projects:
Building a Frame Saw
Forging a Copper Kettle
Making a pair of leather work boots
Forging and Fletching a Bodkin
Flocking a drawer interior


Closer look at the metallurgy of Iron, Steel, and non ferrous metals.

on Iron, Part I- Aspects of metallurgical chemistry that examine natural sources of iron and its subsequent processing into steel.
on Iron, Part II- Examination of the micro-chemistry behind steel, hot work, alloys, and the phases which build a basis of understanding for heat treatment.
on Iron, Part III - An examination of heat treating mechanisms in the Iron-Carbon lattice.


Water casting aluminium and brass

Hearth Steel

Hearth Steel Update

Making Greensand
For metallic casting
Enter Inferno
Making hearth steel with Zeb Deming and Mark Green
The Fires of Ancient Industry
Smelting with Jesus Hernandez and Dennis McAdams
Alchemy in a Modern Age
Crucible Steel with Jeff Pringle
In Fire Reborn
Reflections on Reurposed Materials
Lost Wax Casting

The Catalan Forge
Jewel Steel
Smelting with Mark Green

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