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--News & Announcements--
Upcoming projects:
Building a Frame Saw
Forging a Copper Kettle
Making a pair of leather work boots
Forging and Fletching a Bodkin
Flocking a drawer interior


Bowyering, Fletching, Quivers and Armguards

Bowyering I
English Longbow

A Few Points about English Longbows

Simple Bowstring

Quick and Dirty Serving Jig

Armguard Part I
Beginnings in sheetmetal work
Armguard Part II
Bowyering II
Laminated Longbow
[Coming Soon]


  1. I really really happy to saw your post on here well i am also very much interested in archery & having hug equipments for my practice. Well best of luck to you for this.

  2. could you do a tutorial on making a traditional quiver for arrows? and maybe making arrows as well? that would be awesome!!

  3. I am in the process of making a quiver currently, and I will be sure to post the process when I am done! I also recently acquired some arrow shafts, so that will come as well, although probable a little later down the road.

  4. I am a history teacher and a beginner archer. I must have watched your video of the making of the English long bow countless times. I am trying to make my own but it's not coming out quite right. I am glad I have found your site thank you